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ELEMENT: Light, CLASS: Defensive Hero

Aesop , Lord of Fantasia. He is known by many names to many cultures, for his fame has spread far and wide. Aesop wield's the Spear of Legends.

Hero's Aura

Armored Aura - increases Physical CRIT of nearby Defensive Heroes.

Hero's Skill

Doppelganger - (SUPER) Provokes all enemies into attacking. The higher the level, the higher the chance of success. Also increases a shield to absorb damage equal to X for 10 seconds. Heals the amount of damage absorbed when when skill expires. (HYPER) Similar to SUPER except the damage absorbed is about 30% higher amount.

Flash Fire - Deals physical damage equal to 100% ATK + M + N% Magic Resist to a single enemy.

Static Shield - Deals magical damage equal to 50% ATK + P to all enemies. Also has a chance to reduce target's Attack Speed by Q% for 10 seconds. The higher the level, the higher the chance.

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