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ELEMENT: Wood, CLASS: Intelligence Hero

A child spoiled rotten by her granny, she'll do anything to ensure her granny stays by her side forever. She strongly believes that the Little Match Girl is trying to steal he granny's heart and thus has a one-sided rivalry with her.

Hero's Aura

Maple Aura - Increases Magic Resist of nearby Wood Heroes

Hero's Skill

Crow Swarm - (SUPER) Deals magic damage equal to 90% ATK + X + Y% of HP lost to all enemies. (HYPER) Deals magic damage equal to 180% ATK + G + H% of HP lost to all enemies.

Sludge Bomb - Deals magic damage equal to 100% ATK + M to a single enemy, with a slight chance of inflicting an additional x6 N% damage to target. The higher the level, the higher the chance.

Crow Dive - Deals magic damage equal to 50% ATK + P to front-row enemies. Increases Armor Pierce by Q for 3 round(s).

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Screenshot 2016-05-10-18-24-30
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