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ELEMENT: Dark; CLASS: Defensive Hero

When Lavaluff was exposed to large amounts of lava and magma, it fused with his body, turning him into Captain Lavaluff. Unable to control his body heat, Captain Lavaluff melts everything he touches. When his temperature finally cools, he'll be forever trapped within his own immovable body.

Hero's Aura

Reverent Aura - Increases Defense of nearby Defensive Heros

Hero's Skill

Tormented Howl - (SUPER) Deals damage equal to 100% ATK + X + HP lost x Y% to a single target. If the target is destroyed, restores 50% HP. (HYPER) Deals damage equal to 200% + X + HP lost x Y% to a single enemy. If the target is destroyed, restores 80% of HP.

Hellfire Shield - Sacrifices 5% HP to create a shield in the center of the back-row that can absorb X Magic ATK for 45 sec(s)

Abyss Spike - Sacrifices 5% HP to deal damage equal to 100% ATK + X + Y% of Magic Resist to a single target.

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