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ELEMENT: Wood, CLASS: Support Hero

Aesop always had a thing for unicorns. One day, while daydreaming about them, he accidentally cast a mysterious spell on a centaur. Thus Centaucorn was born! She dedicated her life to fighting the forces of evil!

Hero's Aura

Cypress Aura - Increases AGI of nearby Wood Heroes

Hero's Skill

Gaia's Embrace - (SUPER) Restores HP equal to 4 x 33% ATK + X to all allies. (HYPER) Restores HP equal to 5 x 57% ATK + X to all allies

Cleansing Petals - Restores HP equal to 5 x M to the ally with the lowest HP. Not affected by HP Recovery values.

Entwine - Deals magic damage equal to 100% ATK + P to a single enemy. Has a chance to stop the target from performing short-ranged attacks at its current position for 3 sec(s). The higher the level, the higher the chance.

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