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When you enchant your hero's gear, the equipment properties get enhanced. Green color items can be enchanted to 1 star, blue to 3 stars, purple to 5 stars.

When you evolve your hero, all the equipment properties get absorbed into the hero and the equipment disappears. However, the enhanced properties through enchantment are not absorbed in the process. So it is not recommended to enchant your equipment before your hero reaches purple level or higher. Your heroes evolve to higher levels shown by these colours in increasing order:

  1. white
  2. green
  3. green+1 (green-white)
  4. blue, blue+1 (blue-white)
  5. blue+2 (blue-purple)
  6. purple
  7. purple+1 (purple-white)
  8. purple+2 (purple-red)

You may use any other equipment or fragments of equipment in your bag as a resource to enchant the items but there are special dusts tthat speed up the enchantment process.

Fairy dust
Manastone dust
Mysterious dust
Fairy dust = 10 x

Manastone dust = 60 x 

Mysterious dust = 200 x

Note: Your equipment cannot be evolved to a higher color.