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ELEMENT: Light; CLASS: Support

Fairy Skulde granted life to Pinocchio but he turned out to be a habitual liar. Skulde haaaates liars. Every time Pinocchio tells a lie, she makes his nose grow longer in the hopes that it would deter his fibbing.

Hero's Aura

Old Tome Aura - Increases Magic Resist of nearby Support Heroes.

Hero's Skill

Holy Disruptor - (SUPER) Restores MP equal to X to all allies. (HYPER) Restores MP equal to Y to all allies.

Victor's Pledge - Increases Physical and Magic ATK of front-row allies by X for 3 round(s).

Sacred Pledge - Increases Defense and Magic Resist of front-row allies by X for 3 round(s) and heals them for Y HP.

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