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ELEMENT: Wood, CLASS: Defensive Hero

Legend tells of a good, noble king who was betrayed by his followers. His skin was flayed from his body and his screams of vengeance only ceased when the maggots found their way to his heart. His spirit could not find peace, and so his fleshless bones continue to walk the earth, full of hate and spite.

Hero's Aura

Desert Aura - Increases DEF of nearby Wood Heroes

Hero's Skill

Bone Shield - (SUPER) Creates a shield in the back row that absorbs X physical damage and restores Y HP for 3 rounds. (HYPER) Creates a shield in the back row that absorbs G physical damage and restores H HP for 4 rounds.

Mighty Cleave - Deals physical damage equal to 100% ATK + M to a single target. Critical hits will also give the Skeleton King N MP.

Hell Spike - Deals physical damage equal to 100% ATK + P to a single target. Also has a chance to reduce target's MP by Q. The higher the level, the higher the chance.

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Screenshot 2016-05-11-00-56-31
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