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ELEMENT: Light, CLASS: Strength Hero

Only dwarves that manage to pass the Trial of Stone, run the Gauntlet of Rock, and survive the Cave of Wonders and rise to the rank of General. Generals alone are allowed to don armor plated with gold, which to the dwarves is the most precious of all metals.

Hero's Aura

Dwarven Aura - Increases DEF of nearby Strength Heroes.

Hero's Skill

Heave & Cleave - (SUPER) Deals physical damage equal to 134% ATK + X to a single target. General Honiro also recovers Y MP (mana points) on critical hits. (HYPER) Deals 50% more damage and recovers 75% more mana than SUPER.

Toreador - Deals physical damage equal to 100% ATK + M + DEF*N% to a single target.

Bulwark - Shields the entire team for P damage. Lasts 6 seconds.

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