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ELEMENT: Wood, CLASS: Defensive Hero

He wanted a son, so he made Pinocchio. Dreaming of the day he could make Pinocchio a real boy, he indulged in obsessive research. His work consumed him. Now his madness is his greatest weapon, crushing the skulls of all who stand in his way. One day, he will turn Pinocchio into a real boy.

Hero's Aura

Redwood AuraI - Increases HP of nearby Wood Heroes.

Hero's Skill

Iron Ball - (SUPER) Deals physical damage equal to 200% ATK + X + Y% of HP lost to a single enemy. (HYPER) Deals physical damage equal to 400% ATK + G + H% of HP lost to a single enemy.

Puppet's Blast - Deals magic damage equal to 100% ATK + M to a single enemy. Also has a chance to reduce the effectiveness of healing performed on the target by N%. The higher the level, the higher the chance.

Carnage Saw - Deals magic damage equal to 100% ATK + P + Q% max HP to a single enemy. Takes damage equal to 3% max HP.

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