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ELEMENT: Light, CLASS: Strength Hero

Night and day, the young boy gazed upon the sword in the stone. He trains both body and soul so that he can fulfill his master's final wish by drawing Excalibur and becoming a worthy ruler. To this day, the sword remains stuck, but the youth has grown into a mighty warrior. (Note: description is actually of Wart)

Hero's Aura

Royal Aura - Increases Physical CRIT of nearby Strength Heroes.

Hero's Skill

Holy Ward - (SUPER) 10 x 6% HP and reduces all damage taken by X% for 10 seconds. (HYPER) 10 x 8% HP and reduces all damage taken by Y% for 10 seconds. (Note: Y is about 30% higher than X)

Eviscerate - Deals physical damage equal to 100% ATK +M to a single target. Critical hits also increase damage dealt by the next attack by N%

Bladestorm - Reflects P% of all physical damage taken.

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