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ELEMENT: Light; CLASS: Agility Hero

After undergoing intense training under the Wolf King. Little Bad Wolf realized how corrupt the world was. He joined a resistance group intent on changing the world. Code-named Little Liberator, his primary mission is to eliminate anyone who may be a threat to their cause. Peace through power!

Hero's Aura

Instinct Aura - Increases Dodge of nearby Agility Heros

Hero's Skill

Vortex Whirl - (SUPER) Deals damage equal to 50% ATK + X to front-row targets. Critical hits silence the target for 2 rounds and restores HP equal to Y% to all allies. (HYPER) Deals damage equal to 100% ATK + X to all enemies. Critical hits silence targets for 3 round(s) and restore HP of all allies for Y% of damage dealt.

Savage Ripper - Deals damage equal to 2x 67% ATK + X to a single enemy. Critical hits inflict damage equal to 3% of max HP.

Cross Strike - Deals damage equal to 100% ATK + X to enemy with the highest Magic ATK value. Creates a shield that can reflect one attack, inflicting damage equal to Y% of the enemy's ATK.

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