AesopAesop StrategyAngelight's Strategy Guide for playing Aesop
Apple QueenAqueous KingArch Centaurcorn
Arch Centaurcorn StrategyBeastBig Bad Wolf
Big Bad Wolf StrategyBloody MaryBloody Mary Strategy
Bratty EiddaBratty Eidda StrategyCaptain Hook
Captain Hook StrategyCaptain LavaluffCaptain Lavaluff Strategy
CentaucornCentaucorn StrategyChef Siegfri
Chief MimiroChieftain YumooChieftain Yumoo Strategy
CrestDarkElite: Fable I: Stage 1-1
Elite: Fable I: Stage 1-2Elite: Fable I: Stage 1-3Elite: Fable I: Stage 1-4
Elite: Fable I: Stage 1-5Elite: Fable I: Stage 1-6Elite: Fable II: Stage 1-1
Elite: Fable II: Stage 1-2Elite: Fable II: Stage 1-3Elite: Fable II: Stage 1-4
Elite: Fable II: Stage 1-5Elite: Fable II: Stage 1-6Elite: Fable III: Stage 1-1
Elite: Fable III: Stage 1-2Elite: Fable III: Stage 1-3Elite: Fable III: Stage 1-4
Elite: Fable III: Stage 1-5Elite: Fable III: Stage 1-6Elite: Fable IV: Stage 1-1
Elite: Fable IV: Stage 1-2Elite: Fable IV: Stage 1-3Elite: Fable IV: Stage 1-4
Elite: Fable IV: Stage 1-5Elite: Fable IV: Stage 1-6Elite: Fable V: Stage 1-1
Elite: Fable V: Stage 1-2Elite: Fable V: Stage 1-3Elite: Fable V: Stage 1-4
Elite: Fable V: Stage 1-5Elite: Fable V: Stage 1-6Elite: Fable VI: Stage 1-1
Elite: Fable VI: Stage 1-2Elite: Fable VI: Stage 1-3Elite: Fable VI: Stage 1-4
Elite: Fable VI: Stage 1-5Elite: Fable VI: Stage 1-6Elite: Fable VII: Stage 1-1
Elite: Fable VII: Stage 1-2Elite: Fable VII: Stage 1-3Elite: Fable VII: Stage 1-4
Elite: Fable VII: Stage 1-5Elite: Fable VII: Stage 1-6Elite: Fable VIII: Stage 1-1
Fairy SkuldeFairy Skulde StrategyFallen Match Girl
Fallen Match Girl StrategyFighting AreasFinal Fable Wikia
FireForest KingForest King Strategy
General HoniroGeneral Honiro StrategyGeppetto
Geppetto StrategyGiant AegiroGiant Aegiro Strategy
GorlabGorlab StrategyHeroes
High Chief MimirHigh Chief Mimir StrategyJack-B'-Nimble
Jack-B'-Nimble StrategyKatnip NevergreenKing Arthur
King Arthur StrategyLavaluffLegendary: Fable I: Stage 1-1
Legendary: Fable I: Stage 1-2Legendary: Fable I: Stage 1-3Legendary: Fable I: Stage 1-4
Legendary: Fable I: Stage 1-5Legendary: Fable I: Stage 1-6Legendary: Fable II: Stage 1-1
Legendary: Fable II: Stage 1-2Legendary: Fable II: Stage 1-3Legendary: Fable II: Stage 1-4
Legendary: Fable II: Stage 1-5Legendary: Fable II: Stage 1-6Legendary: Fable III: Stage 1-1
Legendary: Fable III: Stage 1-2Legendary: Fable III: Stage 1-3Legendary: Fable III: Stage 1-4
Legendary: Fable III: Stage 1-5Legendary: Fable III: Stage 1-6Legendary: Fable IV: Stage 1-1
Legendary: Fable IV: Stage 1-2Legendary: Fable IV: Stage 1-3Legendary: Fable IV: Stage 1-4
Legendary: Fable IV: Stage 1-5Legendary: Fable IV: Stage 1-6Legendary: Fable V: Stage 1-1
Legendary: Fable V: Stage 1-2Legendary: Fable V: Stage 1-3Legendary: Fable V: Stage 1-4
Legendary: Fable V: Stage 1-5Legendary: Fable V: Stage 1-6Legendary: Fable VI: Stage 1-1
Legendary: Fable VI: Stage 1-2Legendary: Fable VI: Stage 1-3Legendary: Fable VI: Stage 1-4
Legendary: Fable VI: Stage 1-5Legendary: Fable VI: Stage 1-6Legendary: Fable VII: Stage 1-1
Legendary: Fable VII: Stage 1-2Legendary: Fable VII: Stage 1-3Legendary: Fable VII: Stage 1-4
Legendary: Fable VII: Stage 1-5Legendary: Fable VII: Stage 1-6Legendary: Fable VIII: Stage 1-1
LightLigneous KingLigneous King Strategy
Little Bad WolfLittle Bad Wolf StrategyLittle Bro Oinkr
Little Bro Oinkr StrategyLittle LiberatorLittle Liberator Strategy
Little Match GirlLittle Red Riding HoodLoki
Loki StrategyMuzashiMuzashi Strategy
Normal: Fable I: Stage 1-1Normal: Fable I: Stage 1-2Normal: Fable I: Stage 1-3
Normal: Fable I: Stage 1-4Normal: Fable I: Stage 1-5Normal: Fable I: Stage 1-6
Normal: Fable II: Stage 1-1Normal: Fable II: Stage 1-2Normal: Fable II: Stage 1-3
Normal: Fable II: Stage 1-4Normal: Fable II: Stage 1-5Normal: Fable II: Stage 1-6
Normal: Fable III: Stage 1-1Normal: Fable III: Stage 1-2Normal: Fable III: Stage 1-3
Normal: Fable III: Stage 1-4Normal: Fable III: Stage 1-5Normal: Fable III: Stage 1-6
Normal: Fable IV: Stage 1-1Normal: Fable IV: Stage 1-2Normal: Fable IV: Stage 1-3
Normal: Fable IV: Stage 1-4Normal: Fable IV: Stage 1-5Normal: Fable IV: Stage 1-6
Normal: Fable V: Stage 1-1Normal: Fable V: Stage 1-2Normal: Fable V: Stage 1-3
Normal: Fable V: Stage 1-4Normal: Fable V: Stage 1-5Normal: Fable V: Stage 1-6
Normal: Fable VI: Stage 1-1Normal: Fable VI: Stage 1-2Normal: Fable VI: Stage 1-3
Normal: Fable VI: Stage 1-4Normal: Fable VI: Stage 1-5Normal: Fable VI: Stage 1-6
Normal: Fable VII: Stage 1-1Normal: Fable VII: Stage 1-2Normal: Fable VII: Stage 1-3
Normal: Fable VII: Stage 1-4Normal: Fable VII: Stage 1-5Normal: Fable VII: Stage 1-6
Normal: Fable VIII: Stage 1-1Oz The GreatOz the Great
Oz the Great StrategyPinocchioPinocchio Strategy
Punisher SkuldePuppetmasterPuppetmaster Strategy
PuppetsteinRapunzelRapunzel Strategy
Reaper KatnipReaper Katnip StrategyRelated Sites
ResourcesRichardRichard Strategy
Shaman YucooShopsSinbad
SireneSis OinkySnow Black
Snow Black StrategySnow WhiteStepfather Freki
Storybook BattleSwamp KingTest page
The BeastThe Beast StrategyUpgrade Materials
ValkyrieValkyrie StrategyVanguard Honiro
Vanguard Honiro StrategyVixen FaedeerVixen Faedeer Strategy
Voodoo EiddaVoodoo Eidda StrategyWart
WaterWellspringWolf Avenger
Wolf Avenger StrategyWood

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