Travelers, peddlers, and rangers whisper of a mysterious tower in the woods. No one knows exactly where it is or how to find their way back to it. All who have seen it speak of a lovely maiden with hair as long as a river, sitting by a window and singing with insatiable longing.
Light Agility Hero
Hero's Aura
Instinct Aura - Increases Dodge of nearby Agility Heroes.
Hero's Skill
Shield Charge - "Leaping on her shield, Rapunzel slides right into her target."
Super: Deals damage equal to 88% ATK + X + DEF * Y% to a single target. Hits twice.

Hyper: Deals damage equal to 176% ATK + X + DEF * Y% to a single target.

Bang 'n' Bash" - "Rapunzel uses her shield to break her target's defense, then goes for the kill."
Deals damage equal to 70% ATK + X to the enemy with the highest HP. Hits Twice. Critical hits will take away 7.5% of the target's HP
Divine Lance - "Rapunzel thrusts her magic lance powerfully, dealing damage to her target and rejuvenating her allies."
Deals damage equal to 100% ATK + X to all front-row targets and increases self Attack Speed by Y%. Once this skill is activated, all allies regain Z HP whenever Rapunzel deals T hits. Effect lasts until the end of the battle.