Welcome To The 'Storybook Battle' Page!

Here you will find links to every chapter and stage in the Final Fable story! This tab also contains any and all content relating to Final Fable's story mode including: walk-throughs, strategy guides, differences between the difficulties, and much much more!

Walk-Throughs and Strategy Guides
Chapter Difficulty
'Fable I: Snow White' Normal Elite Legendary
'Fable II: The Three Little Pigs' Normal Elite Legendary
'Fable III: Red Riding Hood' Normal Elite Legendary
'Fable IV: Pinocchio' Normal Elite Legendary
'Fable V: Little Match Girl' Normal Elite Legendary
'Fable VI: Emerald Storm' Normal Elite Legendary
'Fable VII: Royal Revenge' Normal Elite Legendary
Fable VIII: Content Not Available

Differences Between Storybook Difficulties


Normal difficulty is where the game's "primary story" takes place. It is filled with cut scenes throughout each chapter and stage that really grabs the player's attention; this provides great motivation to continue building their team of hero's and further their progress. As you travel through the first two chapters, certain stages will become available that reward the player with a new hero to add to their team. 



Common Strategical Approach For All Stages

In my opinion, there are two strategical approaches for all stages found in storybook battle. One or both of these approaches may help get you past that stage that you've been stuck on for so long.

First Approach: All Out Attack!

Use both Puppetmaster (PM) and Loki in your party (Merc one if you have too). Both of these hero's have a skill that activates in the beginning of each battle; causing damage to all hero's on the battlefield. Unlike Conquest (where the skill activates in the first battle but not the second two), their skill resets each round of Storybook Battle (1/3, 2/3, 3/3). As you go into each round, both skills should activate in the beginning. This should leave all opponents at 50% health (allowing your other hero's to clean up). Most players have difficulty with the last round (3/3). Ideally, before advancing into the last round, make sure both Loki and PM are in the front. Also try to build up all your specials/health on the remaining hero's if possible