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ELEMENT: Earth, CLASS: Defensive Hero

A wild, savage creature that wanders Fantasia, its name has long been forgotten. But little birds whisper that it was once a prince, cursed to live life as a hideous monster. However it came to be, it is big, srong, and very very angry.

Hero's Aura

Woodlands Aura - increases DEF of nearby Wood Heroes

Hero's Skill

Angry Roar - (SUPER) Shields self, reducing physical damage taken by X% for 3 rounds. (HYPER) Shields self, reducing physical damage taken by Y% for 4 rounds. Y is about 50% greater than X.

Ferocious Bite - Deals physical damage equal to 67% ATK + M to a target. Critical hits inflict damage equal to 5% of target's max HP.

Enrage - If HP falls below P%, restores 5% HP every 3 secs until HP is at P%

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Screenshot 2016-05-10-18-19-19
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