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Magic Tome

  • 5 free daily spins
  • Summon items with gold and get bonus Ointment of Wisdom

Arcane Tome

  • Summon heroes with gems and get bonus Dew of Wisdom
  • If you have already have heroes summoned, it will be converted to shards

Divine Tome

  • From VIP 9, you can summon 3-star Light or Dark Heroes that are featured
  • Shards guaranteed
  • Divine Tome scarp can be obtained from daily Misson rewards to refresh Talent
  • Divine Tome scarps and scroll can be obtained from rewards for hitting Eldur

Golden Wheel

  • Requires golden chest and key
  • Golden chest can be obtained from Guild Gift (M) or from Guild Training Grounds
  • Golden key can be rewarded from Eldur event or purchased at Hotdeals

Gemstone Wheel

  • Requires gemstone chest and key
  • Gemstone chest can be obtained from Guild Training Grounds
  • Gemstone key can be purchased at Hotdeals